A huge thank you to our sponsors!


Varial Hosting

Thank you to Varial Hosting for providing IABC Saskatoon with premium hosting services.




As the country’s largest and longest standing trade and industry association — but with grassroots right here in the province — CME can influence policy, boost your profitability and shape your success like no other membership organization in Saskatchewan or in Canada.




Studio DSaskatoon-based full service professional commercial photographers and studio. 







Leyda’s is a whole food, gluten and nut free, experiential cafe. This labor of love restaurant has been a conceptual dream for the past 10 years, and it has been with great anticipation and excitement that they have opened their Saskatoon doors




CNW Group is a Canadian-based commercial news release service established in 1960 and owned by PR Newswire. CNW connects your message with the audiences that matter most to you. As PR and communications professionals, CNW can help you get media pick up, increase online visibility, promote your brand or expand your social media network. 



We want to work with you! IABC Saskatoon is seeking sponsorship opportunities to help provide value to our more than 100 members. The chapter welcomes cash donations as well as services in kind. Common sponsorship opportunities including funding for professional development events or resources to help with our operations.

This is where you come in! Ask about opportunities to sponsor an upcoming professional development event or the annual FUZE Conference aimed at marketing and communication professionals. We are always looking for sponsorships to help with:

  •     Event venues and audio visual support
  •     Printing materials
  •     Speaker sponsorships for our professional development lunches and conferences

IABC Saskatoon is dedicated to partnership with its communities, giving back to those in need of our skills and seeking volunteers and sponsorship opportunities to bring additional value to members.

Connect with our sponsorship chairs for more information about partnering with IABC Saskatoon.