IABC Saskatoon wins Chapter Management Award

On Feb 7th, Saskatoon Chapter President Dan Gold and VP Ben Borne accepted an IABC Chapter Management Award for Strategic Alignment. In 2017 IABC announced the IABC1720 framework to grow the organization globally. This award recognizes the work carried out by the leadership to reposition the chapter within the new structure.

IABC is the World’s leading organization for the communications industry.

“As we celebrate 35 years of the IABC Saskatoon chapter, this is a wonderful time to reflect on the success that we have had and a great opportunity to look to the future. A significant thank you goes to Ben Borne, he is not only a fantastic leader, but someone who masters original thinking, development of strategies and the tactics to deliver them. Our portfolio leaders on the board have also been key to the forward planning. We met in the summer to review the direction from international and we each looked at how we can implement the framework within our portfolios”.

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